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  • Updated:2019-11-07 18:45:08
  • Views:350
  • Borrower:niccy
  • Location:Mildura, Victoria
  • Need Amount:$650
  • Collateral:None
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im in desperte need of a loan for 650 to purchase a new lounge and beds for me and my 4 and 5 year old boys...me and their father split abiout 5 months ago and recently i took my boys away for a weekend to have some anti stress time only to return to an empty house ....the father has decided to take it upon himself to repossess half of the furniture we had together....and has left me with practically nothing in my home....as my credit isnt to good due to being left with his bills etc im finding it hard to find a lender to give me a chance and understad my situation.any helpwoud be greatly appreciated...i dont work im on a single parents pension and famiy tax benefit A &B.

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