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  • Updated:2018-07-11 22:53:21
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  • Borrower:Chenobi
  • Location:Toowoomba, Queensland
  • Need Amount:$1,200
  • Collateral:Car
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My name is Chenoa Moroney and I am in urgent need of a small loan. My father is battling terminal cancer and I am also in remission for cervical cancer which has caused me to have to take a lot of unpaid leave from my employer to recover and help care for family. My income protection could not assist as I have to be off work consecutively for 90 days in order to make the claim and with all my surgeries, I’ve had close to 90 days off but was back at work before the 90 day time frame and have never been able to claim for assistance. This is a very stressful time and I want to be able to help care for my family as well as have a place to live. I have a secure job and income and guarantee I can make every repayment on this loan. I need to pay this bill ASAP and cannot wait another week for my tax refund to come through. Any assistance you can provide in this time will be sincerely appreciated.

Kind Regards

Chenoa Moroney

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