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  • Updated:2016-09-19 12:15:04
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  • Borrower:kazz
  • Location:Gold Coast, Queensland
  • Need Amount:$37,000
  • Collateral:None
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is there someone out there who can PLEASE HELP ME GET BACK ON TRACK PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!! I was diagnosed with Breast Cancer in June 2014, I had chemo for nearly 2yrs, have been in and out of hospital for numerous things, been poked prodded and pulled from pillar to post! Anyone who has gone through this knows what I am talking about. I have tried my hardest to keep a check on things and run the house etc, i am on income protection and my husband works full time. So now I am at the stage where I need some help I can't do this myself anymore, we have accumulated debt because for the first yr I didn't receive anything, we have used pay day lenders and our credit scores now have been given a bashing, I am not well and the stress of this is making me sicker and now I have just been diagnosed with depression and anxiety to top it off!! I did a really stupid thing last week and nearly got suckered by a company overseas, who said they would give me a loan. I need someone who is genuine, don't come to me and tell me I have to pay you in order to access a loan, because I have no money I am broke or I wouldn't be here asking for one! a company or a person who can without a doubt give me a loan, don't tell me you can only to put me through the mill again and then say no, this is just getting way too much. So if you can help us get through this then please contact me asap, I need this urgently. PLEASE DO NOT CONTACT ME IF YOU CANNOT HELP PEOPLE IN AUSTRALIA, DO NOT CONTACT ME IF YOU WANT MONEY UP FRONT FOR A LOAN THIS IS ILLEGAL IN OUR COUNTRY, DO NOT CONTACT ME IF YOU ARE GOING TO TELL ME YES AND ON THE 13TH HOUR SOMETHING JUST SO HAPPENS TO GO HAYWIRE AND I CANNOT GET MY LOAN. You do not realise how heavily this affects me at present and my heart cannot take too much more, thinking that i am out the other side of the fog only to be slammed straight back in there is not a nice feeling when you owe money, so if you are in any way not sincere or a proper authorised business or individual lender and not necessarily a business, but you must have a contactable phone number and a proper address and yes i will repeat again DO NOT!! DO NOT!!!!DO NOT CONTACT ME AT ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
TO THE ONES WHO ARE then hurry up and lets talk, cheers :)

thank you in advance

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