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  • Updated:2016-07-23 06:29:07
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  • Borrower:Tech-Xcellent
  • Location:Melbourne, Victoria
  • Need Amount:$55,000
  • Collateral:None
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who just call me?
Good Morning,
I am in the process of starting my own business, however I lack the proper tools and cannot secure a Loan traditionally due to poor credit rating (long story short, I use to have cancer, now in remission! but I feel behind in everything $$ wise and lost the home I was living in when the job I had ended abruptly due to time off due to cancer treatment, ruined my otherwise good credit rating).

If I can pay all my debt's and merge every single small payment into 1 payment, life will be easier to start again and having the correct tools and software for my business will also make live easier.

Breakdown of expenses:
$50,000 in Debt's (car, utilities etc...)
$5,000 business (uniforms x2, stationery, software, marketing)

I am not greedy, I own a Ford Falcon AU 98 now, own it outright, I make aprox 60k per year from my business after 2 year's, but all income goes to paying debt and current living expenses. With the correct tools and equipment, I can easily expand my business to double or triple it's current income.

Feel free to ask for more information,

Yours sincerely,
Benjamin Davis

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