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  • Updated:2016-06-27 21:28:36
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  • Borrower:BOBBI
  • Location:Perth, Western Australia
  • Need Amount:$15,000
  • Collateral:None
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I am a single mum (seperated from a long marriage ) and now struggling to get startup costs together for a clothing store to secure a long term income to secure our futures again. I live in a regional area with alot of local support for a new store as our town only has a small country target. I have a personal loan on high interest from NAB that I would like to clear as soon as I can so I have more money available. I am happy to disclose further details if more about my situation and future plans would like to be queried. I thank all lenders for taking the time to read this and truely hope someone will be qilling to give me a chance.

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