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  • Updated:2022-01-21 15:39:14
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  • Borrower:Rhys Gray
  • Location:Perth, Western Australia
  • Need Amount:$1
  • Collateral:None
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who just call me?
Im sorry i wrote the title in all caps lock but i want to make this known to you all. This site is completely full of people that are pretending to be lenders and their goal is to scam you and run away with your money. Every message that ive received are from fake lenders, Every message is full of typo's and they all use the same tactics. They will always say that you must pay some made up fee before you receive your loan and if you do pay them then you'll never hear from them again because getting that money from you was their goal. Another red flag to look out for is what their email adress is because scammers all tend to use @hotmail or @gmail, real lenders are different and it becomes blatantly obvious once you notice it. This site is useless unless someone can prove that they have successfuly received a loan from using this dog shit website.

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  • Rhys Gray, 2022-01-26 15:48:09

    I just got a private message titled "HOW I GOT A LEGIT LOAN" but it contains nothing about how they obtained one so nice try scammers

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