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  • Updated:2020-04-23 15:39:04
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  • Borrower:Tommy
  • Location:Melbourne, Victoria
  • Need Amount:$2,000
  • Collateral:Item
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who just call me?
I have had my gf ( found out she was a hooker) move down to Melbourne from Brisbane. Ever since then my life has been hell. I have nothing as she steals from me take my last everyrhing and lies to every person she comes in contact with. I belive she does this so they feel sorry for her as I once did and then she takes advantage of them. She was a escort years before I meet her and I found out 3 years later
I hated her for it and left her so she moved to Melbourne to show me she lived me and wouldn't do it again. What a huge mistake that was coz I have been paying for it ever since. I need some money to buy her a ticket far away from me and even to get a hotel for a week or so as I have no where to go buy my own home witch she has destroys pretty much. Hopefully then she will get the picture and leave. I'm afraid if I stay in this situation it's only gonna make me fall sick and I'll end up diying. I have told her this many times but she doesn't care and I truly do think she won't stop her narcissistic ways till I have a hartatack from all this stress. It kills me to think she would cry on my mother's shoulders knowing she would be the cause of it and she would turn around and smile. Please help me get away

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